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Job Descriptions / Hotel Receptionist needed
« Last post by Gilmor on June 18, 2017, 03:33:07 PM »


    Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree , Hospitality/Tourism/Hotel Management, Business Studies/Administration/Management or equivalent.
    With at least 1 yr experience as a Receptionist, Concierge, or Front Desk. forward resume to
Jobs / Re: New Look Job Application Form
« Last post by chelsea meek on June 12, 2017, 11:44:39 AM »
May you please send me an application form.
  Much appreciated  :)
Job Seekers Advice / What Career Would Suit Me? Advice Requested !
« Last post by Akynos on May 18, 2017, 04:11:49 PM »


I am a recent Management graduate and am looking to understand which career would suit me.

The text might be a bit long for some of you, but I hope that you will have the patience to read through my case. I would be very grateful for any advice, no matter how small.

Although there's much I need to learn about myself, here's what I do know:

I am a creative, independent and competitive man. I like creating my own things and trying out ideas to make things easier or improving them. I am also interested in business - the result of 4 years of study - and would like to have a job that fits within a business environment.

I dislike day-to-day activities that never seem to end; I enjoy being able to visualise the purpose of my work and the impact it will have. I like to be personally involved in creative projects and see them from beginning to the end, and be able to say "It's my work, right here, I helped build it with my own personal ideas, and it makes a difference to my environment".

I grew up as a strong introvert, and disliked groups from a young age, being unable to relate to my peers. However, I have learned over the years how to deal with people and I though I still do not excel in groups, I have strong 1-on-1 abilities. I am very good at listening and understanding an individual and am able to be very empathetic and help them by analysing their strengths and weaknesses and giving them constructive advice. I have read several books on human psychology and would be keen to apply it usefully in a business context.
I also have developed strong presentation skills, and can convey ideas in a convincing, confident manner.

I had two main jobs so far. My first one was as a team member in a cinema. I disliked the job. My duties were to stand around either serving people food or taking their tickets. Neither made me feel worth anything. It seemed like a meaningless job a machine could do.

My second job was porfolio and database analyst. Though the job was rather repetitive, having to export databases and consolidate them, I came to like the job when I became really efficient and fast in doing it. It made me feel like a niche expert, and no one else could do it like I could. However, the days were rather similar and time seemed to stretch. I finished my projects early and was bored.
On one occasion, I worked two days in a row, 9 hours a day without any break. My boss asked me to create something so that when I left my job, somebody else could take it up easily. I loved it because he didn't tell me what to do specifically - I could invent anything I saw fit, as long as it worked. I proceeded to create macros for easing the tasks, as well as writing out a guide, full with pretty images and screenshots. I was proud of my work and was happy to do it all day long.

Based on this, could you tell me what jobs/careers you think would suit me best? Any advice is very welcome. Thank you for reading !

Have a nice day !
Direct Line Group graduate scheme, programme for 2017.

About Direct Line Group

There are facts and figures to tell you, of course. We're one of the leading motor, home and small business insurers in the UK. We’re home to some of the nation’s best-known brands, including Direct Line, Churchill, Privilege, Green Flag and NIG.

In other words, we are a business with many strengths. But we’re about far more than just numbers and statistics.

Our mission is to make insurance much easier and better value for customers. We want to be known for treating our customers better than anyone else. We want to work in a way that’s more creative and more effective than other companies. Put simply, we want our people to lead the industry in every area.

Why DLG Graduate Programme?

It’s a big decision. You want training. You want to be involved. You want to bring all of yourself to work. You want to take ownership and stand up for what you think. You want a future full of possibilities. And so do we.

The world of insurance is changing around us. And it’s people like you that will show everyone the way.

  • Joining Bonus
  • Pension 9% of your base salary, you can choose to contribute less or more than this, and anything you don’t wish to put in to your pension you can take as cash instead!
  • Free travel insurance
  • Flexible rewards including Life insurance, private medical cover and income protection
  • Performance Award Scheme
  • 50% off our Home, Motor and Pet insurance products
  • Free Green Flag breakdown cover
  • Retail card, with discounts at big name retailers
  • 25 days' holiday with the option to buy/sell up to 5 extra days
  • Bike for work scheme
Apply now!
Jobs / Re: Iceland Jobs Application Form
« Last post by amandainn on May 15, 2017, 06:08:37 AM »
can You send me form
CV Tips / Re: How do I write my first CV?
« Last post by amandainn on May 15, 2017, 05:57:15 AM »

You can have one page CV.. It's most effective way to show yourself to the employer
CV Tips / How do I write my first CV?
« Last post by markgill on April 24, 2017, 07:19:39 AM »
If this is your first cv then you must include some basic ponts and keep as simple as you can with relevancy.
Don't write some fake experience.

Some words you ought to incorporate into your CV in view of input from many enrollment specialists around the globe

1. Numbers

"In the event that you need to demonstrate that you're results situated and persevering, share the numbers. As is commonly said, the evidence is in the pudding," as indicated by employment mentor Angela Copeland. For instance, instead of expressing that you're a "fantastic computerized advertiser," demonstrate it. Say something that mirrors your real outcomes, for example, 'Developed online deals and income by 200% in one year.'

2. Updated

Incorporate verbs that show authority and change. "'Overhaul' shows critical thinking aptitudes and also the capacity to plan for an impressive future picture and lessen prepare wasteful aspects."

3. Propelled

In the event that platitudes are a no-no, basic yet intense words are your go-tos, as per Glassdoor feature writer Anish Majumdar. Propelled, unraveled, changed, and advanced are all cases of activity verbs that make you look great without falling back on banalities.

4. Modernized

"Modernized" alongside "considered and transformed" driving up the competitor's story, indicating how they've enhanced, imagined and changed their workplaces, and hence, picked up income, client development, notoriety, and so on footing for their organization.

Job Seekers Advice / question about bar work
« Last post by Mops on April 22, 2017, 07:18:45 PM »
Hey guys im 17 and my birthday is the 26th of may. i have been wanting to work in a bar for awile but i need to 18 for obvious reasons. with my birthday been in a month i was wondering if i could start applying for bar work now. i dont know why i couldnt with it been quite close to my birthday and stuff but i dont know so yeah help pls XD
I have a job interview / Re: Part time job interview at wetherspoon! any tips?
« Last post by amyjohncse on April 19, 2017, 01:13:50 PM »
I interviewed at J D [/size]Wetherspoon[/color][/b][/color][/size] (Weston-super-Mare, England (UK)) in December 2016. The [/color][/size]job[/color][/b][/color][/size] was advertised as full-[/color][/size]time[/color][/b][/color][/size].[/color]
CV Tips / How To Make An Outstanding CV?
« Last post by markgill on April 19, 2017, 11:01:22 AM »

There are a large number of organizations you can use to assemble your resume. Contingent upon your present circumstance, your industry and the qualities you need to highlight, your arrangement can be tweaked to suit your specific needs. Tragically, there are additionally a thousand ways you can reduce the adequacy of a CV, a considerable lot of which most candidates may not by any means figure it out.

Realizing that selection representatives take just a few moments to screen a cv and choose whether to hold it or not, it bodes well to ask yourself:

What makes a cv a decent one?

What is the substance that must totally be incorporated?

What are the pitfalls to maintain a strategic distance from?

Regardless of the possibility that your CV ought to be produced by your industry guidelines, there are sure broad decides that you ought to know about. Here is a concise rundown of the 10 tips to guarantee your resume emerges.

1. Clarify what you are searching for

Rather than including non specific vocation goals, for example, "I am an expert who is searching for chances to use my aptitudes", supplant your announcement with a rundown that peruses like a "Lift Pitch" where you rapidly clarify your identity and what you are searching for. Depict plainly and briefly what you are keen on and how you can convey an incentive to a potential business.

2. Incorporate the URLs for your business profiles

Regardless of whether your URLs are incorporated or not, you ought to know that scouts will do some exploration on the web to discover more about you. As per Amanda Augustine, Career Advice Expert at TopResume, 86% of selection representatives check for and survey the online profiles of applicants. So it pays to be true and straightforward, by posting the URLs for your expert profiles. This will have a few focal points: the selection representatives will be thankful to you for sparing them time in research, in addition to they won't chance mistaking you for another person who may maybe have a less complimenting profile.

3. Give an extraordinary telephone number and a solitary email address

As opposed to posting your office telephone number, your portable number and home number, and after that continually attempting to oversee calls and messages on each of the three, keep things straightforward with only one contact number. This will be advantageous to you in light of the fact that by imparting a solitary telephone number on your CV, you will incorporate your approaches a solitary telephone, keep control of the phone message messages and who answers the calls. Embrace a similar run for your messages by giving a solitary email address on your resume.

4. Utilize invert sequential request

List your work understanding, preparing and other important matters beginning with the latest. This approach is most helpful for spotters since they can see a dynamic reputation of accomplishments. Maybe the main time you won't not do this is whether you are transitioning to a totally unique vocation. In a circumstance of move you will most likely acquire by utilizing your systems than your Resume.
Image result for professional cv design

5. Incorporate applicable watchwords

Recognize pertinent catchphrases, wording and key expressions that generally show up in sets of expectations for the part you are focusing on and fuse them into your resume (accepting you have those aptitudes). Why is it important to do as such? Many organizations utilize a screening apparatus to recognize the correct hopefuls. Accordingly, you ought to incorporate the watchwords said part of the expected set of responsibilities on your resume to get past the underlying channels of the contracting procedure.

6. Give figures in your depictions

It is constantly valuable to give some relevant data in your CV - figures may help here. Enrollment specialists will frequently need to know the measure of the organization you worked for, the quantity of representatives you administered, the financial plan for a venture you oversaw, and so on. What's more, why is it pertinent? This is on the grounds that these numbers have any kind of effect. Being responsible for a $ 5 million venture is something altogether different to a $ 100,000 venture.

7. List your principle accomplishments for each position
Image result for List your principal accomplishments for each position

A typical slip-up to maintain a strategic distance from: you ought to never condense your achievements in pieces of thick messages.

Generally speaking, enrollment specialists survey a few continues on the double and will take just a few moments to assess each of them. Make their undertaking as simple as would be prudent, so they can comprehend why you are ideal for the occupation. Under each position you recorded, clarify how you have added to or bolstered your boss' ventures and activities. Furthermore, consider embeddings shots to recognize your primary accomplishments.

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