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CV Tips / Re: How to deal with a dismissal on a CV
« Last post by StephWard27 on March 14, 2017, 09:10:42 PM »
This is not something I would address on a CV, a document in which I am trying to sing my own praises. You are not obliged to include this interview in a CV and need only discuss it at interview if you are asked about it. Even then, use choice language, for example, tell them you made an error in judgement and learned a very hard lesson on what you should do differently in future and that you hope they can see past it and offer you the chance to prove yourself in a fresh start.

Theoretically, you might not have to disclose this information. If they don't ask, don't tell!
Career Advice / Re: What should i do?
« Last post by StephWard27 on March 14, 2017, 06:37:40 PM »
In this scenario, you have to look at what will serve you best. Better pay for a longer period,or less pay on a temp contract but having a manager you like? It looks like a no-brainer when you put it like that, doesn't it!

Take the job as a driver's mate, and write Argos a kind letter thanking them for the opportunity,however you have been offered an alternate position that better serves your requirements at this time. Neither job is set to offer you 'nothing', because they both offer different alternatives for experience and skill improvement, and either will look fab on your CV. If you've only been at Argos a month or so, it's probably not even worth mentioning on a CV - you'd spend more time explaining it to future employers.
CV Tips / Re: I have no qualifications, how do I write a CV?
« Last post by StephWard27 on March 14, 2017, 06:21:44 PM »
The best advice I can give is, go out and get some experience! Charities across the country recruit and rely on huge teams of volunteers to run with minimal cost. Consider applying for volunteer work. I volunteer for my local hospice and as well as gaining experience of working in a healthcare environment, I have also improved my skills in teamwork, health and safety, and communication. Many volunteer-based organisations run a range of mandatory and optional training so you can do as little or as much as you want. Take full advantage of this and maybe you could get yourself the qualifications you lack. Also browse online for free or cheap accreditations. Good luck!
Interview Tips / Re: Should I disclose about tattoos during a job interview?
« Last post by StephWard27 on March 14, 2017, 05:55:20 PM »

Legally a company cannot judge you based on tattoos, however, that doesn't mean they don't make a judgement.  I myself have four tattoos, one of which is around my wrist, and I always wear long sleeves or a chunky watch over it for interviews and the like. This is a conscious decision, and it comes down to me personally having a very traditional view of what others deem to be professional.

If you have offensive tattoos, such as those depicting guns, knives, needles, nudity or swearing, then absolutely unquestionably you should cover them in all professional environments.

If you attend an interview for the NHS, their 'bare below the elbow' policy stipulates no offensive tattoos and you should therefore disclose them. However, if a company is simply 'not good with' tattoos as you say, I'd cover them for the interview and not disclose them unless they ask. They shouldn't ask though, because they open themselves up to lawsuits if they then don't hire you as a result of you having tattoos.

Typically, in an environment where your tattoos can be covered by uniform or other clothing, then there is no issue. There is no correct answer to your question but you should use your best judgement.
I feel your pain!

I have had this problem with two companies. With the first company, a small, family run company, I just politely spoke to my boss and it was resolved quickly. This is what I recommend you do initially: speak to your boss or HR manager.

With the second company, it got much more complicated. I was technically going from being on benefits to being self employed, and I now in March 2017, await funds dating back to September 2016. Naturally when I was owed two months payments I resigned. I then had to pursue this through court, and I am still pushing through this. I am also suing for loss of earnings, benefits that I was unable to receive, and further compensation. They are incredibly unhappy about this and have even gone as far as to threaten me, to a point where, except for in court, they are subject to a police restraining order, preventing them from contacting me at all, or being within 100m of me or my home. This sadly is the worst case scenario.

I recommend if they do not permanently resolve the issue and it happens again, you should seek advice from a Citizens Advice Bureau or solicitor promptly. They will be able to recommend next steps. ACAS is also a valuable resource and can be found on Google.

You must remember, you don't work for free and if they don't pay you promptly and you have to pursue official measures, they are only set to lose further!
In October 2015, it was announced that from February 2016, all Aldi employees would be paid a minimum of £8.40 per hour, way ahead of the national minimum wage, also known as the national living wage for over 25s.

It might be worth mentioning here for those interested, that Aldi like to promote internally, and their managers, although the current salary isn't publicly available, are reported to be on significantly more than their counterparts in other companies (up to £37,000 annum for an average store).
On April 1st 2017, the minimum wage is set to increase as follows:
The National Living Wage (the minimum wage paid to over-25's) will go up to £7.50 per hour – an extra 30p an hour.The National Minimum Wage will rise as follows:Age 21-24 £7.05 – an extra 10p an hour.
Age 18-20: £5.60 – an extra 5p an hour
Under 18: £4.05 – an extra 5p an hour
Apprentice: £3.50 – an extra 10p an hour
Interview Tips / Re: RESUME WRITING
« Last post by StephWard27 on March 13, 2017, 08:08:07 PM »

Before you even start writing your resume or CV, you need to thoroughly read and understand the job description. Print and highlight key points if you find it helpful. Then look at which of these points you have experience of or have worked in previously.

When writing your resume, always start with an about me statement. In college, I was taught to use the following format:

'I am a (adjective), (adjective) individual with a (passion for/background in) seeking employment as a (job title).'

You can't tinker with the 'Education' section of your CV, but you can tailor the 'Previous Employment' section and the 'Skills and Attributes' section to suit the information you gleaned from the job description.

Employers in IT typically look for an IT related qualification - a degree or other form of further study. You should also know what kinds of software your role would require and state the ones you have experience of (although don't discuss the ones you haven't worked with).

Finally, a strong cover letter to accompany your resume will introduce you briefly and politely.

Good luck!

Whoops! Talk about an error of judgement. We all make mistakes. The best policy is always honesty, but Mary Poppins always said a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. I'd tell the interviewer you were dismissed for misuse of company property, and if they ask you to elaborate, simply say you made an error in judgement and used the company PC to view material that wasn't directly related to your job.

You don't need to say more than that.

Good luck in whatever you do next!
Interview Tips / RESUME WRITING
« Last post by Peter Robi on March 11, 2017, 03:20:01 PM »
Hello ! I am current looking for a job in IT kindly advice on how i will write a resume that will help me secure an interview.
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