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Title: New Aldi to Create 250 Jobs in Fife
Post by: Learnist Careers on January 05, 2015, 09:45:53 PM
Dalgety Bay in Fife will have a new Aldi supermarket which will provide new jobs in the area. The supermarket will be part of a new development on the outskirts of the town. Fife council has approved the £4 million development.

As well as a new Aldi there will also be a drive through coffee shop, Marstons pub/restaurant, 205 car parking spaces and an industrial estate which would provide 130 new positions.

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There are buildings on the site at present and the councellors voted in favour of demolishing these and building the new development. There were concerns that it would move people away from the town centre and existing shops, but as the area has so many economic benefits for the area, the council ended up voting in favour of it.

Mary Stewart the council service manager explained that it was a tricky decision. She said that the current site looks poor and fails to attract new businesses into the industrial estate behind. She said that it would secure employment and therefore is important to the Fife economy.

The devlopers who own the site, Scarborough Muir Group explained that the buildings were in very poor condition and so being able to develop it should bring a boost to the site. The bar/restaurant should create 50 jobs with the drive through attracting 20 and the Aldi employing 30 people. There is also hope that there will be new businesses in the industrial area as two companies moved out recently. It is hoped that the Play Planet site which eployed 22 people will be taken over by a company and create 30 new jobs and that other industry could move to other vacant lots in the area as well. Currently the two industrial estates have over 2000 employees.
Title: Re: New Aldi to Create 250 Jobs in Fife
Post by: Stroudie on January 18, 2016, 02:27:52 PM
Aldi seems to be spreading a lot. There are rumours there may be one near to where I live. I wonder if they are a good employer, does anyone know?